OUR 1, 2, 3 Process

Assess Your Situation –
You have to know where you are before you can know where you are going. We assess your current physical situation to determine a starting point. We implement a full series of assessments to understand the individual’s biological strengths and deficiencies from all points of view. From this simple and easy assessments we will be able to understand your caloric needs, current level of fitness and an clear understanding of the next steps for your health, fitness or your athletic performance goals.  Other parts of the assessment process involve your mental edge and bio-mechanical performance day to day and under pressure.

Develop A Personalized Program –
The assessment provides a massive amount of information for you. This will provide you with a plan which encompasses cardio workouts, how often strength training should occur, and a nutritional program that delivers menus, grocery lists, and recipes tailored to your needs. You are a unique human being; why not have a personalized nutritional plan to reach your goals. Whether your goals are for fat burning or optimal performance, a personalized nutritional plan is the only way to go.

Monitor Your Progress –
It is fundamental to any success to monitor your progress. Along your journey to optimal health, the assessments give you a clear idea of what you potentially can achieve. We all know that when we are held accountable the results are more easily attained because you are being coached for the best that you can be in the least amount of time. Within 6 to 12 weeks your fitness and metabolic specialist will assess you again and readjust to your higher performing metabolism. You not only get to see where you progressed to, but you are able to recalibrate and set new goals!

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